Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loving Wendy

I have been in love with Wendy Mullin for many years, but not long enough, only since 2009. She's the original indie pattern maker before Colette and others. Her designs still look modern after so many years.
When I discovered her patterns, most of them were already starting to be out of print. They came out in 2006 and 2007. So, I don't have her entire collection of patterns. Some of them were too small, so I couldn't buy them. I have a Simplicity 4112 shirt pattern that is 1.5 sizes too small, I am hoping to wing it one day and see what happens.
I bought her books, however the Dresses and Coats books did not receive fair reviews on Amazon. It makes my blood boil when reading some of the comments. One commenter complained that the dress was falling off her shoulders. In Wendy's defense, the dresses should be muslined first, the design elements should be tried out on the mannequin before cutting into the good fabric. On the other hand, I don't deserve to love Wendy Mullin as much as I do because to this day I only made 5 items from 3 different patterns of which 3 were identical. I was procrastinating and didn't make any of her  patterns from the Dresses and Coats books, but I always read and reread them and they make me feel good.
Recently, I made T-Shirts for co-workers and a tube top for daughter based on patterns from Sew-U Home Stretch . Prior to that, I made a skirt from a plus size jumper from a thrift store during a 50% off sale based on the Sew U basic A-line skirt pattern.
I will post the pictures of the skirt later. It is black so it is hard to see the features.
But my favorite pattern of all times is Simplicity 3964
My favorite make of this pattern is on Flickr by WheresBeckyBean

So, this pattern has been on my mind now for almost half a decade. That's not so bad considering I have been wanting to learn French since I was 18, that's several decades now. I picked two items to upcycle - old skirt from Walmart and a dress from Old Navy - my daughter's old clothes.
 The question is how to place these scraps in the pattern (or on the pattern? ESL fail). Just today, while perusing comment section (I should get a sewing life), I stumbled upon a good tutorial by the Curious Kiwi on how to Photoshop fabrics onto line drawings. I didn't want to learn GIMP, so I used my old trusty Paint.NET to create two mock ups of 3964 top.
Here are the two versions, I will sit on it (ESL alert) and decide which one to use.

I am leaning towards the version on the left, as it is more funky and shows off tie die print better! I imagine riding on my bike nonchalantly in a proto-hipster like fashion in the summertime or springtime instead of looking like a hobo on weekends. Must look cute before got too old as life's too short turns out. Let's see how many years it takes me to make this one.